Marketing Your Listings

In today competitive market, real estate listings probably can’t sell from just a simple “For Sale” sign into the front yard. To stay competitive, top agents should also consider additional of marketing methods for moving residential real estate. For sellers that want quick sales, they often look for real estate professional who is willing to try several different marketing methods to promote listings.

Individual Websites

A listing needs a strong online presence to attract the greatest number of potential buyers. To create this presence, many real estate agents create individual websites for the residences that they list. A home located at 123 Easy Way might have a website address of There is a major benefit to this: It’s easy for buyers to remember such a URL once they see it printed on a home’s “For Sale” sign or in the local newspaper.

High Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Best agents should pay special attention to photos of the property. Those will definitely help with presentations on websites, virtual tour, and other marketing materials.

Don’t Solely Rely on the MLS

Some agents may rely on their local MLS to publish their listings. In today technologies, listings are indeed syndicated to many other websites and show up in many search engines. Nevertheless, it does not diminish the need for individual websites. When visitors go to your page, you have much greater chance of capturing that lead with potential of both-side closing transaction. Other syndicating websites are doing exactly the same things: capturing leads.
The bottom line is: it’s your listing. Do you want to capture those leads?

Niche Publications

It is common that agents will run ads in the local newspaper and on their personal websites. Some listings, however, may need to be showcased to more targeted group of buyers. Upper-end homes, those costing $1 million or more for example, will need to attract more affuent buyers. Agents have to make sure to reach this smaller number of possible buyers. smart agents should explore ads in special trade group magazines serving doctors, lawyers, or business executives.

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